Maintenance Shop
6 West Railroad Ave.
Phone number (620) 422-5121
Fax number (620) 422-8922
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There are 4 permanent positions and 1 seasonal position.

City Superintendent


Mark Gomes (Certified Water and Waste Operator)


Permanent Positions Earl King, Maintenance Technician III (Certified Water and Waste Operator)
Casey Hartman, Maintenance Technician III
Tyler Algrim, Maintenance Technician III


Seasonal Positions Seasonal Position I

The City of Nickerson Maintenance Department is responsible for water production and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, street maintenance, recreational parks, animal control, cemetery, and city burn site.

Water Production and Distribution

The city has 3 wells in production, pumping approximately 400 gallons per minute. The pumping accrues various times throughout a 24-hour period.  The water is distributed through the systems main lines, which vary in size from 8 inch down to 2 inch in diameter.  There are 2 elevated storage tanks holding a total of 175,000 gallons.  The water is treated with liquid chlorine and polyphosphate, which allows the city to meet the requirements of Kansas Department of Health and Environment also the Environmental Protection Agency. 

Wastewater Collection and Treatment

The City is is in the start up phase of their new 3 cell facilitative waste water treatment facility, commonly referred to as lagoons. The waste water improvement project includes a new pumping station with standby generator, several new collection lines and manholes. The facility currently collects approximately 140,000 gallons of waste water over a 24-hour period. The waste water is treated through aeration, bacteria and settling in compliance with current Kansas Department of Health and Environment regulations.

Street Maintenance

The city has an ongoing street maintenance program to include by sections annually pavement rejuvenations, grading, curb and drainage work.  Also, included are street signs, signals and dusk to dawn lighting.

Recreational Parks

The laws of the city shall extend to and cover all city parks.  There are various types of play equipment, ramadas, restrooms, picnic areas, and ball fields available for public use.

Animal Control

The city is responsible to capture or attempt to capture and impound any vertebrate and invertebrate animals at-large, abandoned, dangerous or vicious in accordance to city Code 2-101, Animal Control and Regulations.

Wildmead Cemetery

It is unlawful to enter or be within the limits of the Nickerson cemetery, or to remain therein, except during the daylight hours. 

Burn Site

The city burn site is maintained for the disposal of all manner and types of tree limbs, brush, shrubs and grass cuttings only.  All other disposal is prohibited.  A bonafide resident of the city who reside within the corporate limits of the city, may dispose free of charge.   Please call city office 620-422-5981 to reserve the brush truck.